“Peace of Mind”

Since moving to Techie Gurus, we have peace of mind that our IT is always maintained. The personal touch we have received over the years is amazing. We’ve more than quadrupled in size, yet we still get the same level of service. Our prior providers treated us like numbers and acted like we were a hinderance when calling. We would have never been able to grow our business the way we did without their help. It’s been a truly amazing partnership.

Rod B. Manufacturing

“Fantastic to Work With”

Before Techie Gurus, our IT was a mess and was constantly down. We can now count the number of times we’ve been down in the past year with one finger. Their responsiveness to our issues has blown away our expectations, and the entire team is fantastic to work with.

Michelle St. J. Manufacturing

“Reduction in Expenses”

The biggest benefit of having Techie Gurus is the reduction in expenses for network administration. We are a small manufacturer that cannot afford to employ an IT professional to manage our network. It’s been great contracting projects to Techie Gurus as needed. They take the time to get to know your business on a more personal level.

Sal G. Manufacturing

“The Response Time Is Amazing”

The response time is amazing, when we have an issue, it’s important that it is resolved quickly so that we can get back to work. Techie Gurus does better than other companies because they respond faster – we are made to feel like our problems are important and that there is an urgency to get things taken care of for us. Making the switch to techie gurus was a great decision. Our issues are usually handled quickly and professionally.

Sally H. Manufacturing

“Basically my CIO”

Chris and his team have welcomed us with open arms since day one. They quickly helped us get our systems up and running. Chris has a lot of experience and provides great strategic vision – he’s basically my CIO. Techie gurus provides truthful expectation. They also collaborate with huge networks of other IT firms similar to theirs.

Jeff W. Manufacturing