Cloud Service

Optimize your existing business apps in the cloud with Cloud Service from Techie Gurus

Cloud Service from Techie Gurus is a fully customizable Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) cloud platform designed for SMBs and IT professionals who want to move existing legacy, custom and mission-critical applications to the cloud.

Combined with ultra-fast deployment capabilities and a rich set of self-service management tools, Cloud Service has the power to dramatically transform your IT environment and drive efficiencies throughout your organization.

Is migrating your mission-critical business applications holding you back from cloud?

Cloud Service makes it simple to move your existing legacy, custom and mission critical applications to the cloud. Our industry-leading SLA, lets you do it with confidence.

  • Custom configure your virtual servers
  • Leverage one-click deployable OS and software templates
  • Install your own OS and start using your favorite applications immediately
  • Upload your own VMware based image
  • Dedicate and guarantee compute resources
  • Scale compute resources on-demand at standard compute rates
  • Build, order and start using your virtual server in under 10 minutes
  • Guarantee uptime with our industry leading SLA with credit commitment

High availability and security for your data and virtual servers

Cloud Service delivers high availability and multiple tiers of security for your data and virtual servers. Here’s how:

  • VMware virtualization technology, HA and DRS clustering, and active-active data center configurations
  • Persistent backup and storage
  • SOC 2 Certified TYPE ll compliant and US DOC Safe Harbor Certified data center facility
  • Isolated tenant networks, site-to-site VPN (SSL or IPSEC), site-to-site MPLS, and integrated firewall
  • Option for virtual LAN and WAN extensions to support hybrid cloud environments

Flexibility and control. You pilot your cloud.

Choose the consumption plan that is right for you: pay-as-you-go or monthly.

Make cloud a journey. Start by identifying your lead use cases.

Cloud Service is ideal for a number of business use cases. Start your cloud initiative by identifying your use case candidates for cloud. Here are some to consider:

  • End of life server replacement
  • Mission-critical applications running on low-grade hardware
  • Legacy applications that are incompatible with new hardware
  • Servers operating at less than 50% of capacity during normal traffic times
  • Mission-critical business application hosting
  • Database and hardware-intensive applications
  • Telephony, Video and UC
  • Seasonal or unpredictable workloads
  • Test and development environments
  • Off-site cloud backup

Cloud Service features and benefits summary

Cloud Service features Cloud Service benefits
  • Flexible consumption plans
  • Custom configure your virtual servers
  • Dedicated compute resources - not just a shared pool
  • Scale compute resources on-demand at standard compute rates
  • Persistent storage and backup
  • High availability and security for your data and virtual servers
  • Industry-leading uptime with credit commitment
  • Full-featured self-service portal including command line access to your virtual servers
  • Avoid reinvestment in IT assets and power supply
  • Eliminate on-going server maintenance, power and cooling
  • Convert capital costs into an on-demand operating expense
  • Deploy IT assets according to your business needs
  • Enable a cost-effective off-site backup and disaster recovery plan
  • Eliminate idle time associated with server provisioning and scaling
  • Avoid spending on server overprovisioning
  • Guarantee performance for your critical business applications
  • Monitor and manage your configurations and account details with ease and convenience

Cloud benefits by sector

Cloud Service is being adopted across all business sectors. The following outlines some of the lead cloud benefits for the key sectors we service:

Whether you are a small manufacturing shop or a large global manufacturer, cloud should be on your immediate radar. You don’t have time for (or interest in) drudgerous server management and maintenance. You need flexibility and scalability to meet cyclical traffic demands and business growth. Capital is much more wisely reinvested in the business than IT assets with no salvage value. Consume compute power the same way you do energy, as an on-demand, metered service. Cloud Service can provide immediate capital cost savings as well as on-going savings from operations.
Cloud is an established infrastructure delivery model used by firms of all sizes and legal is no exception. A cloud model presents legal firms with the opportunity to adopt a pure OpEx IT model by purchasing compute power as a demand-driven, utility service. In addition to replacing CapEx with OpEx, cloud can also enable legal firms to lower their TCO. These benefits combined with the intrinsic values of cloud - flexibility and scalability, are driving increased adoption in the legal sector with business being awarded to cloud providers with industry-leading SLAs and iron-clad products. Cloud Service is gaining strong foothold with Techie Gurus’ clients in this sector.
Cloud computing within the Insurance sector is steadily growing as a percent of IT budget. Why? The ability for cloud to help Insurance firms reduce IT total cost of ownership (TCO), scale up/ down to meet variable traffic loads, shorten the time to implement new IT applications, and enable better data backup and recovery. If you are an Insurance firm with these types of requirements, Cloud Service is an excellent fit.