Total BDR

Don't let a disaster put you out of business

Every small business owner knows the importance of their business data. What many don't realize is that while the chances of a major disaster are quite remote, the majority of data loss is the result of small localized problems. Could your business weather a major equipment failure caused by a tree falling through the roof, a lightning strike, or even theft?


  • Onsite Backups are Automated and Scheduled
  • Onsite Virtualization Replaces Downed Servers for Maximum Uptime
  • Data is Automatically Stored and Sent Offsite
  • Cloud Virtualization Included in all BCD’s in the Event of Total Site Loss
  • Ultimate Business Continuity
  • Test Virtualizations are Automated Nightly and Provide Notification
  • Virtual Lab Hours Included Allowing Technicians to Work on Servers in the Cloud
  • RMM Agent Included for Alerting and Scripting
  • 24 x 7 American Based Help Desk Support
  • Easy to Use GUI Interface

According to the US Bureau of Labor, 93 percent of companies that suffer a significant data loss are out of business within five years.

Benefits of the Cloud Feature:

  • Rapid and Reliable Restore of Any Backup Image, Any Time
  • Easy Test, Verification and Validation of Offsite Data
  • Full System, Connectivity, and Network Settings Failover
  • On-Demand Server Provisioning, Migrations, and Testing
  • Remote Management Through Web-Based Management Tool

With Techie Gurus BCD, Partners Can:

  • Eliminate Client Risk and Downtime
  • Grow Recurring Revenue and Increase Profits
  • Realize Better ROI with High-Margin Service Revenue
  • Reduce Service Delivery Costs (Time, Labor, Hardware)
  • Accelerate Server Recovery, Management, and Deployment
  • Gain a Competitive Advantage
  • Deliver More Efficient, Reliable, and Higher Quality IT

Techie Gurus combines planning, prevention, and protection to make sure your business thrives no matter what comes your way. Let us help you protect your company against the disasters that can literally put you out of business.

Don't be a statistic.